How Does BestMCServers Work?

BestMCServers is a Minecraft Server listing website. This means that if you are a server owner, you can put your server, for free, on this site, and players will find your server through this website. You can upload a fancy banner for your server, get a great and catchy name and description, and let players find and join your server! Players are able to search through servers, ranked by our algorithm, and pick a server that looks fun and interesting to join. Finding a server is now fun and easy with BestMCServers. You can also help out a server your play on by voting for it every day, once a day. Voting for a server means players like it, so it will help it in the ranking system. If the username you use to vote matches the username you are logged in with, your vote will count twice, helping the server you are voting for! We encourage you to login or register for an account so you can vote for the server of your choice “twice” a day! If the server has votifier installed and set up on this site, you will also get in-game rewards for voting, so it helps everyone!

For Owners

If you own, or run, or are a part of a Minecraft server, you can submit your server here! You will need to know the IP and port of the server (default port is 25565), as well as the query port. You will also have the option of using votifier for your server. This is a plugin that you can have on your server, that allows you to let players vote for your server on the website, and get a reward on the server! Players and people will always be able to vote on the website, votifier just allows you to give them some sort of thanks directly on the server.

For Players

If you are looking for a Minecraft Server, you have come to the right place! BestMCServers is the best Minecraft Server listing website. You can look through the servers, ranked by our algorithm, and find your new favorite server. If you want to vote for a server you play on, to get an in-game reward, or to help your server rise in rank, it would be a good idea to login, or register for an account. If your voting username is the same as your username on the site, your vote will count twice on this website! You will only get a single instance of your in-game reward, but you will help your server twice as much on this BestMCServers.